The high-end gadgets released these days are power hungry. If you wish to make it all the way through extensive travel, a cross-country flight or commute, without having the power to charge your gadgets, you must use an external USB battery pack that keeps the electrons flowing.

An external battery pack comes in very handy to keep your gadgets alive and running for a long duration. So, make a wise investment in a good USB battery pack according to your requirements and preferences.

Why do I need a USB battery pack and what exactly does it do?

Normally when you are out of power in your smartphone or any other device, you plug the USB charging cable into your computer or a wall-wart transformer. You let it charge for some time, keep using it while it charges in the background and you are all set.

This is not always convenient and at times not possible when you are traveling or away from home. For these situations, an external USB battery pack can come to your rescue. They come in many sizes—as small as a lipstick that is good enough to charge up your mobile phones—or a big as a book to keep your phone or tablets alive for days.

Instead of plugging in your gadget in the normal way, you have to plug the charging cable into the battery pack and fuel the gadget’s battery power. Select the right battery pack that meets the requirements of your application and don’t deal with a dead mobile phone or tablet anymore.

How to choose the right USB battery pack?

There is a plethora of options when it comes to external USB battery packs. Just check on Amazon and you will see an ocean of choices available. So, how do you go about picking the right battery pack for your power needs?

Let’s look at simple guidelines below to help you make the right choice.

Estimate your mAH

mAH? What is that? It is expanded out to be know as milliampere hours. It is a principle form of measurement of battery power. Both your device batteries and the external battery packs are measured in terms of their mAH, and so you need to find the right USB battery pack that matches the mAH of your device.

First, gather the devices that you desire to charge from the external battery pack. Let’s suppose that you have a mobile phone with 2000 mAh, and a tablet with the battery power of 11,000 mAH.

Use the following measurement to decide how powerful a battery pack you need:

Total mAH x % of battery life extension = battery pack capacity you require.

In the above scenario, if you need a battery life extension of 100%, then you definitely need to select a high-capacity battery pack with at least 14,00 mAh. If you need only 50% extension of battery life, you would require a battery pack with a capacity of around 6000 mAh.

Determine your power needs and select the right mAH of the external USB battery pack.

Number of ports

If you have a need to charge multiple devices at the same time, then opt for an external battery pack with more than one port. If you want to stick to a low budget one, just to charge your mobile phone, select a single port battery pack.

If you have multiple ports in your battery pack, it will always come in handy and you can even share it with your spouse or business partner, when you travel. Also, multiple port battery packs are not that expensive. So, explore different options, compare and make a wise choice.

Select the right amperage

In addition to selecting how much battery capacity in terms of mAH, you also need to select the battery pack with the right charging amperage. There are two variations available—1A or 2.1A. 1A would suffice for smaller-capacity smart phones and a 2.1A amperage will be good for power-hungry gadgets like iPad or other tablets.

If you are looking for a high amperage battery pack to top off your tablet or Kindle device’s battery, then opt for 2.1A charging port, which will work well with tablets as well as mobile phones.

Other extras

Competition in the market drives many providers to offer extra features or bonuses to entice buyers. If the extras they provide offer you high utility and savings in terms of money, then go for it. For example, if a pack comes with an extra iPad charging cable and you think you might need it, then opt for it. Don’t opt for extras that you think you would not need.

Another extra feature that is offered is the provision of an LED light in battery packs. This is a pretty useful feature when you are traveling and scouring your bag for a battery pack. The little flash of light becomes your savior. Opt for features that have practical applications and remain useful for you.

Checklist for battery pack shopping

Use the following checklist to ensure that you get the best for your money. Compare different choices you have according to your requirements and make a wise decision.

  • Make a note of your mAH of the batteries in your devices and multiply it by the percentage of battery extension you think you would need. This is the mAh you require in your battery pack.
  • Write down how many devices you want to charge simultaneously and determine the number of ports that you will need.
  • Select the right amperage. If you have high power needs, opt for a 2.1A port that provides the fuel for power hungry gadgets.
  • Opt for high-utility extras and features like an LED light, flashlight or extra cables. Buy extras only if you need them and just don’t opt for features for the heck of it.

The above checklist will ease your shopping experience and enable you to select the right USB external battery pack that you really need. Happy shopping!