Why do I love Qi-Infinity 35000 mAh Powerbank?

Being a tourist, I’m often in the need of portable chargers. I often simply spend a lot of hours in traveling from one place to another.  Just talking in the abstract, there’s no charging facility everywhere at all the times. On this very account, I’ve been trying a wide range of chargers by various manufacturers. As a matter of fact, I mostly pay attention to the product quality no matter the manufacturing is popular or not.

I think when the need for charging something arises; it is not all about charging a smart phone only. You may fall into the need of charging anything like your laptop, MacBook, and phone. In the same way, there are a lot of other devices. This was the thing in my mind. And for this, I did a lot of research over the internet because I mostly like to buy things online.

After reading the configuration & technical details, I came to the conclusion that I should have bought Qi-Infinity 35, 000 mAh Powerbank. And it’s all right for me to say that it has now become my favorite portable charger. Let’s see how. Just stay with me a little longer and I’m going to expose some interesting & true facts. You aren’t going to get sick of my words as I’m not used to taking time more than is necessary.

The service was excellent with on time delivery in the first place. No sooner did I start using the device than it worked well. I’m still using it for my iPhone with a bang! As I was stated above I was looking for multifunctional chargers because I didn’t want to buy a charger just able to charge my iPhone.

I was on the hunt for the one that could charge all my chargeable devices. If you are looking for a charger able to charge almost all your devices, then it is my sincere advice that you shouldn’t look further than Qi-infinity 35, 000Ah Powerbank. To my amazement, it works well with all my devices despite being the best portable phone charger.

At the time when I placed my order, I was staying at a hotel in China because it wanted to avail the chance of reducing the shipping charges. I’m describing this to add to your knowledge that it can be shipped at a hotel as well to help you minimize the shipping charges.

The most agonizing thing was that I was abruptly unable to make use of my Surface Pro when running out of battery. And now that, when I own Qi-Infinity 35, 000 mAh Powerbank, I don’t have to encounter such a terrible & hopeless circumstance.

I just can’t bear the thought of losing or missing it anywhere. I’m now no longer worried about my long travels whether it is by air, by train or by road because I know I own such a portable charger that can prove my best friend in the nick of the time. I can now charge each and every electronic device without a hassle.

My experience with this charger is so pleasing that it often makes me think of buying another one as a standby option. Hence, I wouldn’t advise you to buy two unless you have a lot of devices to recharge.

Qi-Infinity 35000 mAh Powerbank’sbattery is built-in 12V & 15V DC output. And therefore, I find it the best multi-purpose charger suitable for Microsoft Windows Surface Pro3, Pro4 & Surface Book. Added to aforementioned features, it is adequately supportive of 5V, 2.1A/9V/12V with the added advantage of incredibly fast charging for smart phones.

So far, I didn’t say a single word about the look of Qi-Infinity 35, 000 mAh Powerbank. The model is stylishly designed. It is built in a way that makes it quite easy to carry. I can call it a great portable charger. Qi-Infinity 35, 000 mAh Powerbank is compact for easy portability.

Using Qi-Infinity 35, 000 mAh Powerbank is as easy as falling off a log. The weight of the battery is just a pound or so. The measurement is 18.6 x 8.6 x 2.2 cm. Taking account of these aspects, you yourself can decide on how easily you can take it with you anywhere. And of course, it is a big deal. Thus, it is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best portable charger for your smart phone and other devices into the bargain.

To the best of my memory, I’ve been using it for more than one year but it is still working the way I bought it. I’m making it clear to you because when I bought it first, I wasn’t satisfied with the guarantee time period because it was only one year warranty from the date of purchase. But I’m now quite delighted to see it working as it was. However, one year warranty isn’t less than a buyer can usually expect. For me, it was less than my expectations of 3 years. But I’m now quite floating on air with the consistency of the results.

For most people, the price range is above all else. But I’ve mentioned it now in the end because I think if I mentioned it above the fold, the reader like you considered it a high price. And now that, you’ve read all the important features, hopefully, despite being worth $150, it is still at a cheap rate.


In the final analysis, with the price range of $150, no other portable charger is currently on offer for sale despite the fact that there are no restrictions on making fraudulent claims by those who just aim to make money by burning holes in your pockets.

I think whenever you need to buy a portable phone charger; you must buy Qi-Infinity 35000 mAh Powerbank because you can not only use it for your smart phone but also for other devices. I’m sure you can’t agree more as every person wants to value their hard earned money. Buying this product means you are killing two birds with one stone. That’s about it, for now; see you soon with another useful review about a different product in my use.