Have you ever been in a situation where your battery phone dies off, and when you really need your phone, it is off because of a dead battery? Well, smartphone batteries don’t always last longer in a busy day.

In such a scenario, a portable battery can give your handset the much-needed boost without having to charge physically with your computer or electric wall-mount charger.

At times you will not have access to these modes of charge, and only a portable battery can assist your phone in surviving through the day.

When you are on the move and without access to the chargers that you normally use, a portable battery charger comes in very handy.

A portable battery charger comes in many shapes, sizes, configurations, and colors. When there is no free wall socket to be found, take the mighty help of your portable battery to fuel your device.

How to select the right portable battery?

You need to wind up with the right model of portable battery that is right both for you and your devices. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when making that choice. Read on for some great pointers that will help you pick out the right portable battery.


The most important consideration when you invest in a portable battery charger is its portability. If you are looking for more battery capacity to charge multiple devices, then you will have to compromise on size. Generally, large capacity portable batteries are bigger or heavier and will not always fit in your purse or pocket.

So, depending on your needs, find the right balance between portability and capacity. If you travel a lot and need a portable battery pack to charge your tablet, opt for a high-capacity one that can be carried in your bag.

But if you are just looking to charge your smartphone or Bluetooth speakers, a pocket-sized portable battery with a moderate capacity would be just fine.

Understand your device’s power needs

If you have larger devices like tablets, they will naturally consume more power and need high-capacity batteries. On the other hand, if you just need to charge smartphones or Bluetooth speakers, then you would require relatively lower capacities.

Jot down your requirements regarding the battery capacity that you require and select a suitable portable battery accordingly. Keep an eye out for the manufacturer’s claims and see if it matches your requirements.


Have you ever plugged an iPad to your computer’s USB ports, only to be told that it is plugged in, but not charging? This happens because the amperage of the UBS port is too low to charge the high-power device of your iPad. It will still let you charge, but will take a longer time to fuel up the battery.

Look for the amperage of the portable charger and determine how quickly it can charge your devices. If you want to charge tablets, then opting for the high amperage of 2A would be ideal. A 1A charger, however, will not deliver if you have high power needs and would only do well for mobile phones.

What type of chip does that portable battery employ?

An ideal portable battery charger will utilize an IC, or a simple integrated circuit, to deliver the best results. These chips will readily recognize the state of your device battery that is being charged, and adjust the charger’s power accordingly.

For example, when your device is totally dead, slamming a full force electrical charge is not recommended. A portable battery charger with IC chip will adopt the right strategy of trickle-charge and then move onto a fast charge mode or a constant charge. Once the battery is nearing to a fully fueled up mode, the IC will adjust the voltage until it’s charged to its maximum. So, select the best battery charger with a simple integrated circuit chip.

Juicy extras and features

Most portable battery chargers are offered along with free charging cables. You can always charge it with the USB cables that you already own, but if you are getting a free charger cable, you can still make use of it. Keep an eye for the length of the cable and see if it is short enough to fit in your purse or pockets.

An LED battery indication system feature is of great use and helps to let you know the battery charge status. A built-in LED flashlight is also a great utility in those dark times. Little features and extras that are the most useful will definitely come in handy, so look for wise features like these to make your purchase worthwhile.

Do you need multiple ports?

Are you looking to charge multiple devices simultaneously? Then opt for portable battery chargers with the provision of multiple ports. You can even share your charger along with a travel mate and help them out. Having multiple ports in your portable batteries is always useful and can come in very handy.

Charging the portable battery pack

Portable battery packs cannot charge with magic. They also need to be charged before you can use them to charge your devices. You will need access to an electric outlet or another power source to charge them. So, before you travel, ensure to charge your portable batteries first.

When you buy one, check if it is to be charged first before you can make your first use. Portable battery packs that come with LED indicators keep you informed about how much charge the battery pack has left, so you can recharge them accordingly.

Check the warranty

Check if the provider offers any limited-time warranties on the products. It is always good to have warranties if there is any problem. A battery that comes with warranties will also assure you great safety and complete peace of mind.


Don’t suffer anymore from low-battery anxiety, and whenever you need a quick power boost for your device, make sure to have your portable battery handy.