Man cannot live all alone without being in touch, whether it be good tidings or bad, happy moments or sad, time saving, and yet being in touch is all it means to be wanted or needed.

Portable gadgets like laptops, mobile phone, tablets, and iPads are various new inventions created by man for his benefit. Usage of this equipment means of communication is by and large on a colossal scale.

The fastest and simplest way to get connected is through the mobile phone, be it for texting, messaging, emailing, skimming the internet, recording, voice mailing, chatting, even to the extent of using it for an alarm, or simply to take a selfie through the camera application.  A day without this portable instrument will indeed leave you confounded.

What is a portable phone charger?

A portable charger is a gadget that’s like a life-saving oxygen device to your phone. It is a power-up gadget that can be used to replace the absence of an electric wire connected to power source.

Small or smaller than a smartphone, this power-up is nothing but a packed battery which has a cable connection for USB ports. Some chargers have built in cables. Portable chargers are made of light metal or plastic and can be carried around with convenience.

What is the need for a portable phone charger?

Man has life, so also these mobile phones which work on battery too have life and need to be charged: As food is to man, electricity is to the battery.

With the improvement of technological advancement of phones, and even more essentially their battery life it’s necessary to keep these gadgets charged on occasions where the power supply is choked, whether on a trip or a gathering.

There is a special need for extra power charge in situations where phones experience an extraordinarily high drainage of power. At these times, these small or huge portable chargers come to the rescue by providing you with that quick charge.

Portable chargers are made for different types of phones like Android, Apple, Samsung for iPads, etc.

These portable chargers all well priced according to the product’s performance model, the cable integration and charging port speed, but the choice wholly depends on the buyer’s budget.

Some branded portable phone chargers in the world market are, Morphine, Proportion, World slim, Patriot, etc.  A distinguishing feature among all these chargers is their compatibility, configuration, and design.

Pros of a portable phone charger
You can carry it anywhere.
It is lightweight.
It has a battery life once charged, depending on its usage.
Cons of a portable phone charger
It still needs to be charged.
It’s not repairable once dropped in water or any other liquid.
Essential things to know about portable phone chargers

Below are a few essentials every phone and portable charger user needs to know while using the device for day-to-day affairs. Remember the internals for each portable phone charger may differ.

Combined output

A minimum of two USB ports accompany a most portable phone chargers packs. Usually, marked as 1A or 2.1A, this determines whether the ports can either hold up to 2.1 amps or 1 amp. It is complicated to find out the maximum output across every one of the ports that the portable phone chargers can bear.

For instance, some have two ports, one mentioned for 2.1 amps and the other for 1 amp. The portable phone charger pack’s sum output maxes at 3 amps. What does that mean? The complete potential of both ports if used simultaneously means quicker charge times for the plugged-in devices.

Not all portable phone charger packs have large combined outputs to deal with every USB port simultaneously used. This is a concern major with portable phone chargers that comprise more than 2 USB ports.


To have a portable phone charger to charge a mobile device is fine, but what about the time taken to charge the peripheral battery entirely? The best chargers charge fully in more or less six hours.

Of course, the factors to be considered are that of time consumption to charge, which is longer in a high-powered battery than a low-powered battery. Another feature is the input rated amperage of the USB ports which helps at any given time to determine the amount of electricity that can pass towards the battery through the USB charging cable.


A portable phone charger doesn’t give you any benefit if it’s too huge to carry along. While buying a portable phone charger, consider only the quantity of its shape and weight.


Carrying portable phone chargers along with your mobile gadgets means surplus travel along with its deterioration. The environment also makes a big difference not only for the visual effects but also to the longevity of the portable phone chargers.

The metal housing is excellent at transmitting heat away and out from the portable phone charger’s internal mechanisms, which gives it a longer life. Cold is great, and riddance of heat improves the performance considerably.

Built-in extras

There is a constant niggling worry on how much charge stays in the portable phone charger, so a display is required. LED indicators are used in many portable phone chargers indicating the remaining percentage of charge. Some renowned LED gauges have added 4 LEDs showing a more precise percentage of charge left.


While a branded portable phone charger provides for a decent warranty setup with extra features like indicators for battery and charge life, they may be a costly affair and a pinch to your pocket.

There are some not-so-famous brands that provide portable chargers, and the quality of output of these devices is pretty decent. While buying a portable charger, it is necessary to look for a charger that charges to the fullest faster, has set indicators, and a definite warranty, without taking a huge chunk from your pocket.

Choose something that caters to your needs and doesn’t harm the environment. What’s important is that the charger is compatible with your phone and doesn’t disconnect you from your work.